Just got the Raspberry Pi 3 model B, pre-installed SD card with NOOBS v2.1, have Raspbian on it but can' t work out which option to choose from the boot options in order to have a regular desktop interface?

I have already checked that the SD card is expanded for the OS.

I am new to Raspberry Pi so don't want to pick the wrong options and mess it up.

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From the command line enter the following command:

sudo raspi-config

You should now see this:

raspi-config main screen

then arrow down to option 3 Boot Options to see the boot options screen.

raspi-config boot options menu

Then choose either:



Desktop Autologin

(Autologin will not prompt you for a username nor password, but does have negative security implications.)

Next click OK

and finally

click Finish.

You can also access these options via the Raspberry Pi Configuration entry in the Desktop's Preferences Menu.

Preferences Menu

Boot Options

You shouldn't worry about a wrong choice here as you can switch between modes relatively easily without problems, by simply rerunning the instructions above and choosing a different option.

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