I am trying to remove Apache2 and replace with NginX. I purged Apache2 and if I try again, it says "Package 'apache2' is not installed, so not removed". However, when I go to the localhost page, I'm still get the default Apache page. I am not sure where to go now.

  • Burn the fresh OS image to the SD card. To avoid problems in future install Docker and run Nginx in a container. Really... What's the point of digging in dirt?
    – techraf
    Commented Dec 29, 2016 at 4:48

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Change directory to /var/www/

cd /var/www/
ls -la

you should see these files

index.html     index.nginx-debian.html

index.html is that default page of apache. Remove it, then you will see nginx default home page.

Open localhost once again (ctrl+f5)

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