I just got my RPi and it used to be able to play tones with winsound. Now, I get an error when I try to import it. Do I have to reimage?

File "/home/pi/Py_Progs/tones1.py", line 1, in import winsound ImportError: No module named 'winsound'

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From https://docs.python.org/2/library/winsound.html :

35.4. winsound — Sound-playing interface for Windows

The Raspberry Pi is not a Windows computer, it is a Linux computer. You will need to use a different sound library to be able to play sounds from Python on the RPi.

These questions over on our sister site StackOverflow give some options:



The best recommendation I have been able to get from a quick search is to utilize the pygame module instead of winsound, like so (courtesy of the accepted answer in the second StackOverflow link above):

import pygame



  • When I first got the RPi it would play sounds with winsound. Now I get an error importing it. I can't get sounds from anywhere now. Even SonicPi doesn't work. I can import pygame but no noise when I run the script you provided. Must be something else like maybe even hardware. I'll keep fooling around. How much can I mess it up anyway? Thanks for answering.
    – hcappy
    Commented Jan 6, 2017 at 21:48

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