I attempted to install the SCROT screenshot tool. I type startx as the instructions suggest. After this, I cannot log into the Pi desktop anymore. Upon entering the password, the screen goes black, the comes right back to the login screen. I have a monitor and keyboard attached to the Pi directly.

The password is correct as I can successfully login with Pi username using Putty.

I can see my screen saver in the background behind the login box.

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While I don't know what caused the problem, you can fix it by doing the following from the command prompt:


This will change to your home directory (assuming the default Raspbian install - this will be /home/pi)

next rename the .Xauthority file:

mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.backup

reboot your Pi

sudo reboot

then startx as normal:


If x starts successfully you can remove the .Xauthority.backup file:

rm ~/.Xauthority.backup

This Raspberry Pi Foundation forum thread contains some further details.

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