I'd like to provide access to a network printer on network A to users on network B. I'm only interested in forwarding print jobs to the printer from network B to network A (not the other way around). I was thinking that raspberry pi could be connected through eth0 to network B, and listen to print job request on a cusp server, then forward these jobs via the wireless interface connected to network A.

is it possible, and if yes, could you point me to some doc that could help me ?

i wonder if I have to bridge the two networks completely ?

Thanks in advance,

Best Marcel


I did a quick google search and I found this:


not sure if you have already seen it or not but it is basically what you are looking for: "A print job server", if I understood your question correct. If that first one does not work out for you I was also able to find this:

http://www.techradar.com/how-to/computing/how-to-turn-the-raspberry-pi-into-a-wireless-printer-server-1312717 as well which also uses the CUPS service.

Not sure why you need a separate access point since no-one will be connected to it but if you really need to I also found a post on sirlagz, would love to post it into this answer but not enough reputation but it is called how-to-use-the-raspberry-pi-as-a-wireless-access-pointrouter-part-1 *cough cough put that after the domain sirlagsdotnet with a / *

Which hosts the second network using the raspberry pi if you really need it for a reason (maybe monitoring the files tethered?)

Hope I could help

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