Broken Emulator?

I recently set up RetroPie on my B+. What is wrong with N64 emulator? I have graphic errors and no sound.

(Sorry for issues with thread. I am new to this.)

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    There's no way to answer this question without more detailed information from RetroPie's logs. There are a few swing-in-the-dark suggestions listed in this thread on Reddit, and at RetroPie's Github. You'll note the Reddit thread also suggests that N64 emulation is not wonderful in RetroPie - you may just be experiencing 'normal' conditions. – goobering Jan 16 '17 at 18:30

You may want to check the RetroPi N64 ROM compatibility list. Unfortunately, I don't recognize the game from your screenshot to point you to the relevant line, however, note that only about 10% of the listed games are marked as stable.

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