I have a python file on my raspberrypi that makes an led blink, which i made executable with chmod +x file.py so that in terminal i can run ./file.py and the led blinks. I then wrote a php file (in the same directory as file.py)



    <title id = "my_title"> my page </title>


    <button id="my-button"> Button </button>


I want to run file.py when i push the button, maybe with system ("./file.py");. But when i putt this directly in the code

    system ("./file.py");

it doesnt do anything except print on the site Number of arguments: 1 arguments. Argument List: ['./file.py'] (ls works as expected). How might i go about running file.py when Button is pushed, and why won't system run ./file.py. Thanks

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    Try using the complete path to the file. Is file.py executable? Can you edit your question and include the contents of file.py and an ls -la of the directory it is in. Jan 11, 2017 at 2:46

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Does your file.py start with a correct shebang line? (i.e. #!/usr/bin/python)? That's how the system decides which interpreter to use when you're trying to execute the script.

In any case, you can just specify the interpreter in the system command itself:

    system ("python ./file.py");

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