I have the following line of code in a .py file

raspivid -o - -t 0 -hf -w 640 -h 360 -fps 25 | cvlc -vvv stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554}' :demux=h264

When I execute videoscript.py the line above starts a stream from my RPi 2 B running Raspbian 4.4 I can then view the stream via VLC on a laptop on my network.

Question: How do I stop the stream? Do I need to create a new .py file that quits?

  • It appears that the script runs in the foreground so you can probably kill it with ctrl-c – Steve Robillard Jan 15 '17 at 21:34

Do a "ps aux", find the process id and do "kill -9 pid" where pid is the process number you wanna kill. If the process is active, just hit ctrl-c to abort or ctrl-z to put to sleep.

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