I have to do this for a school project, and since I was unsure on how to proceed, i thought I might ask you people for assisstance.

Originally I was following this guide, but once I poked around a bit I realised that the Pi I was working on was a 2, not a 3. I then proceeded to follow this guide, but am currently stuck on Step 2.

As you can no doubt infer from my issue, I am a complete and total beginner at working with Linux distributions, and Linux-based OSes in general.

My current setup is:

  • A Raspberry Pi 2 with the latest Jessie distribution image, with a NOOBS installer (client)
  • An instance of Ubuntu Server running on WMware Workstation 12 (Server)

Additional information which might be useful:

  • The network I am currently connecting the two through ethernet on has a firewall; A log-in is required to access anything outside of the intranet.
  • The Pi's Micro-SD Card is not large enough to hold two copies of the same filesystem/kernel (I am unsure as to the actual size of the card, packaging displays 8gb but Raspbian displays ~5gb)

How would I proceed with this operation? As I said, I am an unsure beginner when working with Linux distributions, so help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you are interest in virtual machine for Raspberry Pi - follow the link

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