I am trying to build custom webpage supporting uv4l webrtc. following the document at - uv4l server i edited /etc/uv4l/uv4l-uvc.conf (i am using USB camera) as follows

  ### serving custom Web pages only:
 server-option = --enable-www-server=yes
 server-option = --www-root-path=/usr/share/uv4l/www/
 server-option = --www-index-file=index.html
 server-option = --www-port=8888

I also created a index.html at /usr/share/uv4l/www/. Restarted service uv4l_raspicam . Now when i connect to http://rasp:8888/ i dont see my custom webpage loading.

Any suggestions please

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You need to restart uv4l_uvc,not uv4l_raspicam, for USB webcams.

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