I just started planning a project including the raspberry pi . I have experience in programming but never used a pi before. In my project I want to do object detection by color. I need to classify the objects by theire different colors on multiple conveyor belts. On each belt only one object will pass because its only wide enough for one object.

My problem is that I dont know how to realize my project. Is one camera enough for lets say 2 belts or should I use one camera for each belt ? If yes a pi can only have one camera or should I use cameras with USB ports? If no I need to use 2 pi's and deal with connecting them. The problem with cameras with USB ports is that I cant judge if they will be fast enough to deal with a bigger throughput. That are my first thoughts. Maybe you can help me deciding how to realize my project.


I found a pretty good blog with some interesting thoughts

Multiple cameras with the Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

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take a look to this tutorial!

Computer vision is an exciting but intricate technology


Good luck!

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