Like you can see from the title I have problems with subtitles in omxplayer. Basically there are 2 problems.

First is that all non-english (like č, š, ž) letters are missing in subtitle text. Not that there is some other symbol or white-space in their place.

Second problem is not really a problem but more like personal preference. The subtitles are left-aligned instead of being centred.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: For subtitle position I have found the solution. Basically there is command line argument when lunching omxplayer --align center. LOL

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I have found the solution and will share it here if someone needs it later. Problem is that Omxplayer only supports UTF-8 encoding and the subtitles in question are encoded with windows-1250. To convert the encodings iconv can be used. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and write:

iconv -f windows-1250 -t UTF-8 path/to/file/subtitle_file.srt

Of course iconv can do much more than just these encodings. To learn more write iconv --help or man iconv in terminal.

I have to give credits to @CrazyLemon from local forum in our country, that pointed out that the encoding is the problem. Before that I suspected the font.

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