I have RPi 2, Raspian Jessie 1-11-2017.

I can ping PI on my LAN. I can SSH into Pi from a Windows 7 machine. I have a user 'rob' who is in the 'adm' group.

It appears that I cannot attach an image of the errors I am getting.

When I attempt to connect with rob I get an error:

Connecting to sesman ip port 3350
sesman connect ok
sending login info ......
xrdp_process_login_response:  login successful ......
started connecting
connecting to
error - problem connecting

It seems strange that it says I am connecting to (me) but in a YouTube training video it shows the same thing, but the YouTube video is successful at connecting.

I thought that maybe the xrdp server was not running, but other posts on this site indicate that xrdp is always running.

Any help is MUCH appreciated.

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I had the same problem; here are the links to the solution I found:

error - problem connecting to Raspberry Pi 3 with xrdp


Short answer: Remove: xrdp (you will add it again), vnc4server, and tightvncserver (if not installed these will just be ignored)

sudo apt-get remove xrdp vnc4server tightvncserver

Install: tightvncserver

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver -y

Install: xrdp (only after tightvnc has been installed)

sudo apt-get install xrdp -y

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