Sometimes when I'm messing around with putty and do a Ctrl+C on certain commands (or similar), the terminal get messed up.

By "messed up" I mean that when I press enter, the newline is not inserted and the entire layout get messed up. Also, when I write something it doesn't appear, only when I press enter.

Like that:

Glitched SSH session

Why this happens? What can I do to reverse this ... bug? I know that closing and reopening the console is a "solution", but sometimes that's annoying, there must be a way...


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Try the following:

  • clear (or CTRL + L) to clear the terminal window.

  • reset to reset the terminal if it is messed up by control sequences.1

1 According to this, reset might clear some key binds.

  • Somewhere between these two (I think) is another option, the one I use (mainly from force of habit): stty sane. Jan 30, 2017 at 4:16

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