I am thinking about using RPi in a car, as certainly many of you.

However, I am afraid that my demands are too high:

  • gps dongle connection to track the position (I have already found a reliable dongle for this, two other products I had to return)
  • gsm modem dongle - to have the data on-line, to track the vehicle
  • bluetooth connection with some OBD2 device. I was searching, trying some, I had to return already one usb-like that did not operate with linux. I found a page https://www.obdautodoctor.com/obd-adapters, where kiwi3 looks nice (although quite expensive)

Do you have any experiences with an ODB2 dongle connection to RPi via bluetooth? Would you recommend the above one? Is there a OBD2 library for RPi that works?


I'd recommend AMB (Automotive Message Broker) to manage those demands. https://github.com/tripzero/automotive-message-broker and a OBDLink MX. The AMB connects to each of those devices as plugin.
It also can be configured to log to a local sqlite db.
I've tried the OBDLink LX but it sometimes doesn't connect on boot.

  • Certainly a useful answer. I am searching fo MX, not available in my country and looks a bit more expensive (200$). One web says MX is bluetooth, another says WiFi. Is is BT or both versions exist?
    – jaromrax
    Feb 13 '17 at 13:57

There is a solution which has OBD, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and is built on pi zero.
It seems to fit to your requirements:

I'm not sure if it has a built in library, but I think there is a github project called pyOBD, which will work on raspberry. Not sure which one is the official one.

  • thanks, PyOBD didnt work for me much, but I should re-iterate with new experiences in python.
    – jaromrax
    Apr 20 '17 at 14:33

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