I've tried to load either OSMC or open elec from the Noobs OS page and I'm getting hung up each time. The OSMC task bar loads to 100% then stays there and the download speed drops to 0.2mb/s really slow and nothing else happens. Loading openelec it loads about 68% then drops to 0.1mb/s and just hangs up again. But, raspbian loads ok and wifi runs properly. I'm not a big programmer and just wanted to a media player for all of us here in the desert. Any ideas?

  • Does the activity light continue to stay on, or flash, or does it stay off when it drops to 0.1MB/S? – dominic03 Feb 15 '19 at 5:13

If your WiFi connection is working as it should be and you suspect an issue at the NOOBS end somewhere, it's not particularly difficult just to write your own images to the SD card. They're available at each package's homepage - OpenELEC here and OSMC here. You'd write the image to the card as you would any other disk image - the Pi Foundation has a tutorial on the process here.

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