I want to access RPi from Internet without port Forwarding. Is there any way to do it? if yes, then how many and how to implement them?

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  • Do you have a VPS? You can get one at DigitalOcean. Then you can ssh into it from the Raspberry Pi and port forward that way. (The link I posted includes 2 free months of the $5/mo VPS) – anna328p Feb 22 '17 at 6:40

The Raspberry Pi Foundation blog currently lists two alternatives to port forwarding for communicating with a Pi over the internet:


One secure alternative to port forwarding is remot3.it, by Weaved, Inc. remot3.it ("remote it") is software you install on your Raspberry Pi to access a single Pi, or manage a large number of Pis, from anywhere over the internet. Use remot3.it to access any TCP port on your Pi over the web including SSH, VNC, HTTP(S), RDP, and custom TCP services.

How to get started with remot3.it for Pi



Dataplicity allows you to connect and control your Pi's shell remotely from a web browser and its mobile apps. You can use Dataplicity's Wormhole feature to host a website or API directly from your Pi, and automatically enable HTTPS/SSL with no configuration or certificates.

It uses WebSockets over HTTPS to provide a connection, and requires a single-line install.

Getting started with Dataplicity

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  • I don't know what you mean by other devices. Can you explain a little more? – goobering Feb 23 '17 at 19:17

It has recently been announced that RealVNC are now letting Pi users use their VNC Connect service to connect to Pi's that are running behind a firewall. This gives the user access to the GUI running on the Pi. It is just a matter of enabling the service, creating a RealVNC account, and logging into the account both on the Pi and the computer you want to connect to the pi from. Full instructions are available in the RealVNC docs

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