I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a powered USB Hub ( 7 port Anker ) running retro game OS Lakka. The PS3 controllers work great with the system, but I want to be able to charge them as well.

Currently if I plug in the controller to the hub the power lite on the hub comes on for a few seconds and turns off and no charging happens. If I disconnect the hub from the pi, the power light on the hub doesn't turn on at all, upon plugging in a controller and no charging happens. In another part of the house I have the same 7 port hub connected to an iMac and when I plug a controller in there, the hub power light comes on and stays on and the controller charging lights begin to flash.

I understand from this question that the controllers require a "handshake" to start charging off of a usb connection. Is there a way to make the pi do this?

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