I connect my android phone to the Pi using USB and turn on the tethering. Everything runs smooth, I can ssh to the Pi using the phone and it's address (usb0 - 192.168.42.xxx). After, that I connect the Pi to my WiFi network and test the ssh connection again (wlan0 - 192.168.88.xxx), and again everything runs smooth.

The problem is that I can't port forward it when it is connected using the USB. When I tried to connect from a different network, it just timed me out. So, I unplugged the USB cable and after that I can ssh to the Pi. How can I make it run on all the addresses (usb0 (phone network), wlan0 (WiFi network) and the port forwarded WiFi (my IP address))? Thank you!


What is your network mask setting you see when you run ifconfig? If your network mask is set as Mask:, your phone and wifi are basically on two different networks, you can either change the mask to Mask: or set the IP address of both your phone and wifi to be within the same range 192.168.88.xxx.

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