I just bought my first raspberry pi 3. So firstly connected with HDMI mouse and keyboard,download the latest version of noob from pi site and connect the pi3 to 2amp mobile charger. First bootup went perfect so during installation of noob os pi3 just stop working and showed me black screen. Now its have been three days. I have tried changing memory card,update power adapters, tried different OS.but now succeed. On some OS pi3 shows me rainbow screen then black or blink two time green led or hang at rainbow screen. They issues have face during trying of different OS for pi three: Even tried to change in config file. Please help regard this issue if anyone faced.??


If you don't think it is the power supply, SD Card, or HDMI cable, then I would try:

  1. Format SD Card first with "SD Card Formatter".
  2. Download a Raspbian image. Unzip it, then burn it using Win32DiskImager.
  3. Edit config.txt in Wordpad, add "boot_delay=1", save and 'eject' the card.

Hope it helps.

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    Too be fair, he said phone charger, not PSU. And we all know phone chargers make less than ideal PSUs. It will work, but you will have undervoltage errors all the time, because phone chargers are not made to be PSUs. – Dr_Bunsen Jan 22 '20 at 13:45

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