I've got a Pi 2 running Jessie, which I did a dist-upgrade on just yesterday (24 Feb 2017). So I'm running the latest stuff.

On it is installed Chromium 56.0.2924.84. I'd like to cast from this device to a Chromecast (firmware version 1.22.80438) that I bought a couple years ago. So far, no joy.

I can cast to my device from everything else in the house that I've tried: my iPhone 6, an Intel Linux box running 14.04, a Windows 10 laptop, an Android tablet. But Chromium on the Pi never even detects the Chromecast on the local network.

The Pi is connecting up to the network just fine - I can browse, view YouTube videos in the browser window, etc. But it just never detects the Chromecast at all.

Any suggestions on how I can get this to work? Thanks.

My WiFi connection is via Edimax USB dongle, if that matters...


Use mkchromecast. It supports both audio and video. Get it here. It is a python script which calls various programs. It will never use as much memory as chrome, but you may need to overclock and heatsink your Pi.


I think you need the browser Cast Extension that hopefully you can install on the Pi's Chromium.

  • The Cast extension has been discontinued. Since Chromium 51, the Cast functionality has been incorporated into the browser itself.
    – Jim Vlcek
    Feb 26 '17 at 19:00

I think this is a bug in Chromium discussed at raspberrypi.org:

Cast to ChromeCast not functioning in Chromium .

It might have been reported and fixed at

Debian Bug report logs - #870619 Cast to chromecast device does not work

and so will hopefully start working again in the future, when the fix makes it into Raspbian.

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