I have written a Python Tkinter program which uses buttons to control a Motor which is linked to the GPIO pins, It also displays any changes as a tkiner label e.g Button pressed will change the label to "Button Pressed". I want to know how to run a python file in Ubuntu to show the GUI in Ubuntu but the commands will run from Python will be directly linked to the Raspberry Pi.

I don't know if I explained it well??


My understanding, you have a script/program that collects data and displays this data on the screen. You would like to have the display on a desktop PC, but the data collection code executing on raspberry PI.

This is the beginning of industrial control and automation, which is a very wide topic.

Software Engineering

You may split the program into a client/server where you have one application acting as a server, accepting commands to control the motor.

There are a variety of approaches, a simple web server may be enough. In industrial systems, PLCs are used to interface controllers and sensors.


xpra (docs) is a X11 forwarder that allows remote code to run against a local X Server, and allows for connect/disconnect like screen or tmux. It has better performance and ability to reconnect compared to ssh -X, but the principle is the same.

start a remote terminal

xpra start ssh:SERVERHOSTNAME --start=xterm

reattach to a remote display

xpra attach ssh:serverhostname


A simple solution is to have the desktop act as a full fledged remote display to the raspberry PI.

  • A nice good answer. X11 forwarding will get you going quickly without changing your script. But long term solution is to seperate to a server and interface view. – Angry 84 Oct 27 '18 at 2:39

Use ssh with X-Forwarding

When you access raspberrypi from a Linux-machine with a XServer (as Ubuntu does) you have the possibility to use ssh and tell it use X-Forwarding like this:

ssh -X pi@   # Replace with the current IP of your PI.

Now when run your program in the new ssh-shell all the UI will be presented on your Ubuntu machine.

There are downsides to this technique worth mentioning:

  • This only works as long as the ssh-session is running and both your RaspberrPI and Ubuntu. You can't (easily) loose the connection and reconnect.
  • It will be only fast enough for simple programs. It will be pretty slow if you try to use that with bigger applications.
  • xpra is a very good alternative to x-forwarding which runs over SSH, the primary advantage in that it doesn't require X11 on the server. The performance is much better and it runs under user privilege (better security) – crasic Sep 22 '17 at 2:11
  • @crasic sounds pretty useful. How about posting a answer about it? – MadMike Sep 22 '17 at 4:31

If I understand correctly, you want to remotely run your Tkinter. In that case, you could look into Paramiko, which hopefully allows you to do that from Ubuntu.

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