I'm currently working with Raspberry Pi. I have implemented push button(switch) program using python. But, When I press the switch, then if condition is true and data stored but when I release the switch button my program is stuck. Why?

My script:


import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

switch_1 = 17


GPIO.setup(switch_1, IN.OUT)

    sw1_status = GPIO.input(switch_1)

    print 'Switch_1 : ', sw1_status

    if sw1_status == True:
        print ('Data stored')
        while(sw1_status != 0): // here my program stuck.
  • This is pretty neat.
    – wogsland
    Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 20:19

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Your program is stuck because you have made an infinite loop in it. By the time you get to the while(sw1_status != 0) line, sw1_status is guaranteed to be True, and True != 0 will always evaluate to True.

Perhaps you meant to wait until the button is released, in which case you want to update sw1_status in the loop, by replacing pass with sw1_status = GPIO.input(switch_1).


Also, I have used

while((GPIO.input(switch_1)) == 1):

instead of

while(sw1_status != 0): // here my program stuck.

It's working fine.

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