It's weird, I can reach google.com, perform a search and see the results, pull up Gmail, I can go to raspberrypi.org, but anything past that I cannot reach.

In the Terminal I cannot ping google.com. "Network is unreachable" I can ping

The kernel IP routing Table returns

Destination   Gateway  Genmask       Flags Metric Ref  Use Iface   U     202   0    0   eth0

I know the default gateway is and have tried adding it to the table but it did not fix the issue. I am able to ping the default gateway and have been issued an IP address.

I've tried changing the interfaces file to read:

iface eth0 inet dhcp

Any help would be appreciated.

  • What's in your /etc/resolv.conf? – John La Rooy Mar 2 '17 at 0:13
  • I think I figured out my issue. I realized that after downloading NOOBS, I failed to unzip the file and just copied over the contents. I think something did not decompress. I wiped the SD card and reloaded the files. Then re-imaged the Raspberry Pi and viola everything works now. – Anthony Bruno Mar 2 '17 at 0:36
  • In that case you should do one of two things, either delete your question or answer your own question. – Steve Robillard Mar 2 '17 at 0:44

I re-imaged the RaspberryPi to the default setup. This cleared up the issue.

Since this was a brand new install it seems as if some of the file may have been corrupt on the initial install. It was easier to reimage than to deep troubleshoot.

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  • Please accept your own answer with a click on the tick on its left side. Only this will finish the question and it will not pop up again year for year. – Ingo Jan 28 at 12:33

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