I'm using a USB SNES Controller adapter I made using a PIC32MX as a USB HID Gamepad. I've been using it with Windows machines for a while without any issues. It seems to work everywhere except in ES/RetroPie so far.

When I start RetroPie on my Pi 3, EmulationStation says no gamepad is detected and I can't configure inputs.

The device is listed under /etc/input/js0 and the buttons all work when I run jstest, but I can not get it to be recognized by EmulationStation.

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Don't know if you are the same guy that asked about this issue at the RetroPie forums, but compiling all the knowledge from the thread there, basically you will have to:

1 - Access your Retropie through ssh, and use the default credentials(host:retropie, user: root, pass: raspberry)

2 - Dump your device info with udevadm and dmesg

udevadm info /dev/input/js0

dmesg | grep -i joystick

3 - Create the /etc/udev/rules.d/99-gamepad.rules file, with your DEVICE_NAME obtained from dmesg(name inside brackets) and ID_INPUT from udevadm:



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