I have GPIO to USB adaptor. There is a small light connected to the USB end. I have 4 TTL cables Red, Black, Green and White. By black cable is in pin 6 (ground), white in pin 8 and green in pin 10. I wrote a script to control the GPIO14 and GPIO15, but the light is not switching on. It does switch on when I connect red wire to 3v3 power or 5v power but I read that individual GPIO ports do provide 3v3 power, but how do I make it work? Maybe I need a transistor to turn on and off an USB if it is a serial cable? or some other equipment?

import RPi.GPIO as io
import time


ioG = [14, 15] #14 - white / 15 - Green

io.setup(ioG, io.OUT)
io.output(ioG, True)
print "LED on"


io.output(ioG, False)
print "LED off"



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