I have a raspberry pi that was setup at my old place. I would always connect using ssh over the wifi or my monitor.

I'm now in a situation where I don't have a monitor and I'm on a new network. I'm having issues with the password on the device when I try to ssh. I don't have anything I need on the device. Is it possible to reset the device without having a monitor?

  • If this is due to the change of your wifi network that the settings on your Raspberry Pi wpa_supplicant.conf no longer correct, you can try to step 2 of my reply to anther question.
    – hcheung
    Mar 7, 2017 at 0:50

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There is a way that might avoid SD card damage.

If you look on the Raspberry Pi, you will find a 2-pin jumper labeled RUN. Where it is depends on the model. If you bridge the two pins, it will reset the processor.

For the Pi Zero/Zero W, it's right next to the camera connector, for the Pi 3B, it's by where the GPIO header comes close to the USB ports, and for the Pi B+/2B it's next to the status LEDs.


No monitor, no network connection. Hopeless situation. You must turn it off and hope to avoid problems with the file system.

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