I have had a webcam setup with port forwarding and dynamic DNS - everything works fine except I would like to automatically set the resolution of the uv4l server to 1024x768 when the Raspberry Pi starts up. At the moment, this has to be done manually for the webcam size to work correctly.

I am inclined to think I could do this with a script that gets run after @reboot. I'm a bit rusty on my syntax, but here's what I've tried (without luck):

I have a script called start-uv4l.sh which gets executed after reboot.

uv4l --auto-video_nr --driver raspicam --encoding mjpeg 
--server-option '--enable-webrtc-audio=0' 
-—server-option '--janus-video-format=50'

I have given the file execute permissions, so all should work!

Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise I will have to consider physically re-positioning the webcam.

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