I bought a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit with NOOBS already installed on the Micro SD Card. Now I have my microUSD plugged into the Pi and the HDMI connected from Pi to Mac, which doesn't do anything since HDMI on Mac is only outbound. How do I now install Raspbian on the PI and then afterwards control the Pi from my Mac?


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If you have a TV or computer monitor (NOT Mac) to connect to that has HDMI, plug your RPi HDMI into it. YOU CANNOT USE NOOBS WITHOUT A MONITOR.

As an alternative, you can download Raspbian and install it directly to your SD card with your Mac--the only way to set up with no monitor for the Pi.

After you have completed this, simply run ssh pi@<your_pi's_ip_address> or ssh pi@raspberrypi in your Mac's terminal, enter the password for your Pi (the default is raspberry), and you're good to go! :)


To get a monitor for your rpi first boot is a way to resolve your current problem. Then, you can use the remote login to control your computer.

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