I edited this file in hopes of getting a command to run at startup of the GUI in Raspbian:


I added this line:


which contains the following:

/usr/local/bin/synergyc <server ip address>

lxterminal does open as expected, but the command to start synergy as a client does not work. I already gave the server a static ip and already began running synergy on the server. It works if I manually enter the full synergyc command after startup.

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I figured out that I could use an option in the lxterminal command to run the desired synergy command:

lxterminal -l -e '/usr/local/bin/synergyc <server ip address> ; /bin/sh '

The only thing I'm trying to work out is how to avoid this -l option and still have the terminal open, rather than just flash open and close.

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