I have to run a Node.js application while reboot in Raspberry Pi.The application uses WiFi and BLE on-board of Raspberry Pi.

I have tried out the below solutions:

1.Copied my Node.js application in the rc.local with full path.

cd path filename.js < /dev/null &

But it still didn't work.
Ref link :(How to run a script (Node.js) at startup)


I've had this issue as well. What I finally had to do was create a script that starts the node.js application, and call that from rc.local.

myscript.sh #!/bin/bash cd application path node application.js

Then in rc.local, call myscript.sh with the full path.

  • how do you exactly 'call myscrip.sh' in the rc.local file? What do you type?
    – Sora
    Jan 22 '20 at 5:36

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