To capture an image that is not all black or saturated, I am currently using:

fswebcam -S 30 image.jpg

My application is a little delay sensitive and skipping around 30 frames every time to get a good image to process makes it difficult. I know capturing a frame from a running video sequence could solve this but I was wondering if there is a way to put the camera on standby or something similar to avoid having it to readjust to ambient brightness every time? Thanks.


Most webcams will reinitialize after doing an operation (e.g. taking a picture). You can also observe this behavior on most mobile phones.

Best move would be to capture frames from a live video sequence, or look for a camera that won't reinitialize every after operation.

Alternatively, you can try tinkering with the fswebcam's --set switch. Refer to the man page for possible configuration options.

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