When I run the following (as root) on RPi (Raspbian, Model 3), the USB keyboard numlock LED should light up, but doesn't. Variants using +caps and +scroll don't have any effect on the USB keyboard LEDs either.

# /usr/bin/setleds -v -L +num < /dev/console

This command works fine on several x86 based computers running Debian. What am I missing?


setleds works fine on my Pi3. (You don't need sudo) when run from the console.

I am not sure why you are using < /dev/console .

Are you trying to run this in a script?

/dev/console is obsolete, but should work, although the normal virtual console on the Pi is console=tty1

  • Thanks much for your fast, friendly response. You are correct that my use of /dev/console should have been /dev/tty1 (also works with tty7). Still, I find that "scroll lock" cannot be controlled. Are you able to control the "scroll lock" LED? – Sam Weber Mar 25 '17 at 13:14

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