Could someone provide links to the correct documentation on the ARM site that relates to the processor in the Raspberry Pi?

It would be useful to have a canonical answer for which ARM docs to use and where they can be found. I've registerd on the ARM website, so I can download them, but I need to know which ones!

  • @Jivings - I have looked, it's not obvious for a beginner like myself which docs are the correct ones, ARM11 uses the ARM6 instruction set which has been superseded by the ARM7 A&R, I did try and make it community wiki, I'm not sure if that exists any more?
    – Dog Ears
    Commented Jun 24, 2012 at 8:32

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The FAQ states the CPU is an ARM1176JZF-S which is an ARM11 Classic processor the processor details are available here on the ARM website.

The Technical Reference Manual is available via the ARM documentation centre

Select: ARM11 Processors -> ARM1176 -> RM1176JZF-S Technical Reference Manual
(Or as a PDF from here)

The ARM Architecture Reference Manual that covers the ARM11 instruction set is the "ARM Architecture Reference Manual ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R edition":

This manual describes the instruction set, memory model, and programmers' model for ARMv7 (A&R profile) compliant processors, including:
Cortex-A series
Cortex-R series
Qualcomm Scorpion.
It also describes the later ARMv6 architecture releases for ARM11 processors, and describes Thumb-2 and the TrustZone security extensions.

It can be downloaded from the ARM website here (registration is required).

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