I'm on the latest Raspbian Jessie.

I'd like to increase the size of an open FIFO pipe buffer.

I've already upped the max size via sudo sysctl fs.pipe-max-size=4194304

Then I'm attempting the following perl script to set my open pipe to that size:

# usage: name-of-open-fifo size-in-bytes
use Fcntl;
my $fifo = shift @ARGV or die "usage: fifo size";
my $size = shift @ARGV or die "usage: fifo size";
open(FD, $fifo) or die "cannot open";
printf "old size %d\n",fcntl(\*FD, Fcntl::F_GETPIPE_SZ, 0);
my $new = fcntl(\*FD, Fcntl::F_SETPIPE_SZ, int($size));
die "failed" if $new<$size;
printf "new size %d\n",$new;

But no luck:

$ ~/setfifo.sh /tmp/temp_video.h264 4194304
old size 4 failed at /home/pi/setfifo.sh line 10

Anyone know how to do this?


Your code to calculate the old size looks dodgy to me. Are you sure it's not just that line failing. In C \* introduces a multi-line comment, what does it do in perl.

In C I use the following invocation to change the pipe size. I have seen no evidence that it doesn't work.

   if (bufSize != 0)
      i = fcntl(fd, F_SETPIPE_SZ, bufSize);
      if (i != bufSize)
         gpioNotify[slot].state = PI_NOTIFY_CLOSED;
            "fcntl %s size %d failed (%m)", name, bufSize);
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