What is the pin number for PWM on RPI 3 model B?

On the RPI2 i used to 18 pin, I used to set it up like

"gpio -g mode 18 pwm"

However, is it same on the RPI 3?

Where can I found the doc, usually gpio pin 18 used to PWM on RPI?

I've got the pin info with this commands. However, I have no idea on RPI3 .

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ gpio readall

I want to know how to I set the PWM pins from this chart.

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There are two hardware PWM channels. Channel 0 is available on GPIO 12 and 18. Channel 1 is available on GPIO 13 and 19.

You can use the pigs hp command to set hardware PWM (requires the pigpio daemon to be running, sudo pigpiod).

You can also use DMA timed PWM on all GPIO. You can use the pigs p command to set DMA PWM.

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