I am getting a raspberry pi 3, I am basically a 3D Artist and I create games using Unity 3d for now. But I am getting pi 3 to see what is the lowest I can go to have a minimal artist machine. I don't care even if it really bad but would be great to know if anyone has ever tried.

Thank you, Waqas


I did a research and I found 2 games engines that could possibly run:

  1. Construct 2, it can run in a browser over pi.
  2. Raylib which is available on Github

Have a look if anyone is interested!



Take a look at those:

  1. AppGameKit
  2. Urho3D

You can use PyGame as the Raspberry Pi supports Python. I have been using Java, with Java 2D API, because JavaFX was removed for the Pi.

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