Some background info: I do a Christmas Light show, one where it blinks to the music. This year I am going to be having a "jukebox" where a guest can press a button, and then the song will play. There will be 13 buttons individually hooked up to a device called an "Input pup." That is a piece of hardware from the company that makes the Christmas light controllers.

My question: On these buttons, I want to also have a wire going to a raspberry pi or arduino, something of that sort. When you press the button It would display on a screen "The current song is SONG NAME The Upcoming song is SONG NAME"

If there is no song in line, it could read something like "The Current Song is SONG NAME. There is no song selected to play next.

How can I accomplish this? This is what I think I know so far. I will need a raspberry pi, and something to connect the 13 buttons to the pi with. The pi will need to be running a script that tells it when button 1 is pressed, display the corresponding song. and somewhere in the script, it will need to act like a que, so if someone pressing 4 buttons, on the screen it will show all 4 songs are in line to be played next.

I want to be very clear that this WILL NOT BE actually controlling the lights, music, or even sending a signal for it to be played. This is for display purposes only so guests know what songs are in que.

One final thought; I guess the code will need to include the timing of the song, otherwise, how will it know that it's time to display the next song in line. So I guess it should be something like, when button one is pressed (providing there is a current song already playing), display the words "The next song is Carol of the bells for 200 seconds."

If there is no song currently playing (meaning no one pressed a button previously) AND there is no song to be played next, then the text should read something like "There are no songs selected. Please make your selection below."

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    This question is far too broad in scope. Here's a detailed list of my requirements. Can someone explain to me exactly how I would do all of this stuff? You may as well add (Or better yet, just go ahead and write the code for me; I'll pick it up later. Thanks!), This site is for specific problems you're having with your code or a programmers tool, not a discussion about how to design or code your entire app. Do you have a single, specific question related to a specific, limited scope problem that we can help you with? I suggest the tour and help center pages, especially How to Ask. – Ken White Apr 6 '17 at 2:20
  • My apologies Ken. I'm only 16 years old, and was hoping someone could provide me with some guidance on this project. I do my light show to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation, so it means a lot to me that this year is a success. I didn't mean to cause a problem. – shane Johnson Apr 6 '17 at 2:24

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