Can't connect to www.google.com even being connected to the Internet.

I always need to change the DNS to in /etc/resolv.conf but it changes automatically into and then www.google.com do not work.


Edit /etc/network/interfaces file and add the following to the end:


Don't edit /etc/resolv.conf since that file is generated automatically.


I had the problem that my raspberry 3 couldn't connect to inet, but it had connection (no ping to google.com but it had ping to the ip address). So I figured it was a DNS problem. After a search I found this solution. Sorry, but I don't remember where, so I can't post the link.

It's true that /etc/resolv.conf is created at every reboot, so you lose the changes you make.

A solution is to create a file in /etc named resolv.conf.head

sudo nano resolv.conf.head

and then put there the lines with the dns servers you want. For example, for google and OpenDns:

#Google DNS

#OpenDns Servers

The lines you write in this file are automatically added to resolv.conf when it is generated.


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