Im trying to get firmata_test from firmata.org working on my raspi3 running raspian up-to-date version. What depencies or programms do I need to have installed to successful start the firmata_test ? ( I've tried both: 32-/64-Bit for Linux is there a special Version for ARM chips around? Or can someone show me the right direction to compile it on my own?) None of them loads up anything after double-click and press 'Execute'.


There doesn't seem to be a pre-built ARM version, so you'll have to build from sources. This seems to be using wxWidgets, so you'll have to install wx3.0-headers, libwxgtk3.0-dev and libwxbase3.0-dev before you build. There may be other missing dependencies, and Firmata also seems to use wxWidgets 2.8, so you may end up building old wxWidgets from sources as well.

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