A week or two ago I dropped NOOBS 2.3 on to a 32 GB SD card, booted it in my Raspberry Pi Zero W, configured the network, and was then presented with a nice long list of OSes that I could install, including RISC OS, a couple of different media player distributions, and a couple of different "game console" distributions, and more.

I have since tried again, with the following changes:

  1. I've replaced the SD card with a much smaller one that has only a FAT partition with bootcode.bin on it. (This is the version from the next branch since it's not clear to me if the master branch version will boot partitions from USB yet.)

  2. I've installed NOOBS 2.4 (a newer version than I was previously using) on a 32 GB USB flash drive.

NOOBS boots up just fine, and I configure the network as I did before, but now I see far fewer operating systems in the list: just a media player distribution (I forget which one), Raspbian+PIXEL, Raspbian Lite, and the empty partition for exchanging data between OSes.

If I add showall (shows all available OSes regardless of your Raspberry Pi model) to the recovery.cmdline file and try again, I'm shown an additional version of the media player distribution (I think it added a "Pi2" version), but still nothing further.

What's gone wrong, and how do I get back all the other operating systems?

  • You don't say what you want to run. You would have to ask the Foundation why, but they have removed most of the options (some no longer worked) Try PINN This is a modified NOOBS without some of its limitations. – Milliways Apr 17 '17 at 1:36
  • I want to run, amongst other things both the game emulator distros and RISC OS. I did try at least one of the game distros installed with NOOBS 2.3 and it seemed to work ok, albeit a bit slowly sometimes. Has the foundation announced this change and the reasoning behind it? – Curt J. Sampson Apr 17 '17 at 2:33

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