I am using the pps-gpio dtoverlay. My /boot/config.txt has these lines:

# Expect the GPS 1PPS pin to be connected to GPIO3

Problem is, that the GPS Module (SkyTraq Venus) goes into a debug mode if the PPS pin is pulled high while power is applied. According to this page, GPIO3 is pulled high by default during boot. I confirmed this on my RPI3.

When I connect PPS to GPIO18, which is pulled low during boot, it works just fine. However, I'm stuck with GPIO3, since my circuit boards are already manufactured.

sudo gpio -g mode 3 down has no effect. Is there another way to disable the internal pull-up, or even enable a pull-down, while keeping the pps-gpio dtoverlay?

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No, pins 3/5 (GPIO 2/3) have hard-wired 1k8 pull-ups to 3V3 fitted (so they can function as the I2C bus).

You can not disable these pull-ups in software.

You will have to physically unsolder the resistor.

See Raspberry Pi schematics.

  • Thanks! Would you add a link to documentation or schematic that shows the resistor, please? Apr 26, 2017 at 16:27

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