I have created a hotspot or access point (using hostadp and dhcp server) with edimax and my rp2 exactly following this tutorial by adafruit. This hotspot is working well, but now I want to control my RPI with SSH from computers connected to this hotspot.

When I try to connect, the connection fails (timeout).

When I type ip add show on my RPi, it shows that it has two IP addresses on wlan0: - the static address I give to my router(edimax wlan0) - I don't know how this one was set it is not in the steps too

Firstly is it possible to connect to pi using the ip allocated to edimax wlan0 using ssh by connecting to the hotspot of rp? because I cant connect with any of the IPs and ethernet cable is the only way left for putty ssh connect.

I have not been able to understand the reason. In a different question I found this answer a little relevant

The origin was a conflit between two DNS servers : isc-dhcp-server & udhcpd

Hostapd working well, but after the connection the conflit between the two servers do not permise to attributing IP to clients. And so, to complete the connection.

But the problem is that in my steps I never installed this udhcpd and I dont know how to check whether it is installed or not, and if not installed then what actually is causing the problem.

EDIT1 I came across this possibility as well. I am a newbie i dont know how to check for all these

As for not being able to ssh, probably port 22 is blocked or OpenSSH is not installed.

Help of any kind would be highly appreciated.

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Well I found the solution and I thought posting it would be a good idea if someone else faces this problem. After you finish with the adafruit tutorial (in the exact manner as stated I hope) and are not able to connect to the rp with the IP that you set while configuring hostapd (in my case

  • sudo ifdown wlan0(change as per your interface name) //important step

  • reboot //without this changes wont take place you'll see

  • check the status of dhcp server with systemctl command

However just after completing the second step the problem should be done with.

Comment if problem persists.

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