I'm trying to get Higan working. I can't figure out how to avoid this error:

Error: OpenGL 3.2 is not avaliable. Select another video driver on the Advanced Configuration tab and restart again. 

I've tried installing libgl1-mesa-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev and mesa-util. Nothing. Ignoring the error results in a black screen. (If it matters, I'm running a rom of Super Mario World). I have the Pi 3 model B.

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The Raspberry Pi only supports OpenGL ES 2.0, and with the open source driver, OpenGL 2.0 (almost entirely). An app that requires OpenGL 3.2 would require that you install a software renderer that can do 3.2, which I don't believe exists for ARM.

You're going to need to do what the error message says, and choose a different renderer in the app.

  • I picked a new emulator, fceux.
    – Lee Ikard
    May 3, 2017 at 21:40

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