According to Anholt, the creator of the opensource kernel device tree overlay at Broadcom, the maximum is 256M.

How do I set this? gpu_mem=256 in /boot/config.txt is not the correct why I think.

There is perhaps false info circling around:

  • this option is only valid for modules
  • this option is only used by the closed-sourced driver
  • not used by vc4
  • strategy is to make it smaller to free up memory because vc4 doesn't use it anyway
  • some people turn it up when using vc4

Furthermore, there is a way to set memory using the Contiguous Memory Allocator (cma).

What is the proper way to do this? I am looking for some clarification here.

  • gpu_mem=256 is "correct", although I would recommend you use raspi-config to change settings. As to whether is is sensible or necessary??
    – Milliways
    May 9, 2017 at 12:05


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