I have a raspberry pi 3 (model B+) with rasbian OS . Suddenly, after boot I can't get to the desktop interface. Only the command line is supported. I have tested it with another SD card and gui works. So, I concluded that the SD has some problem. I really need all the files and configurations on the raspberry(old/corrupted SD card).

Is there a way I can fix this issue?

Thank you

  1. Open Raspberry Pi config by running raspi-config.

  2. Select 3 Boot Options.

  3. In the submenu, select B1 Desktop / CLI

  4. Out of the 4 boot options, select the last: B4 Desktop Autologin

  5. Reboot the Pi.

This should bring back the old behaviour you had, where the GUI will start automatically on boot.


At the command line type startx, assuming there are not further issues with the install this will launch the GUI.

  • This indeed fixes the issue but only as long as the command is running. Is there a more permanent solution? Thank you – elenaa May 15 '17 at 20:58

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