The scenario uses two rasp's. One shoots video and the other plays video. Communication Between Devices is SPI with 500kHz Clock.

  1. Is it possible?

I don`t know how to get Video streaming from camera module V2 and put into data for play video.

2.Please refer to the recommended site.

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You can't communicate between two Pi's with the SPI bus.

For a SPI bus one end is a master the other end is a slave - you can't have both ends as a master.

The Pi hardware only supports operation as the SPI bus master.

  • I'm largely in agreement with this assessment, and I wouldn't recommend that anyone without large amounts of time and enthusiasm attempt running a Pi in SPI slave mode. Ghanima, in this answer, links to a possible workaround which looks clunky.
    – goobering
    May 16, 2017 at 10:37
  • 1
    @goobering As far as I am aware the Pi does not function as a SPI slave (the BSC/SPI slave peripheral simply does not work properly with SPI). See my post.
    – joan
    May 16, 2017 at 10:43

it is hardly possible if you use a third party spi device lora wireless modules for example which is a pretty add-on for your project

however the real problem is how to put camera data on spi bus

since spi is too slow for a good video transfer with low resolution and fps

sorry personal experience not a research


A solution to preserve the data transfer rate is to use a data converter such as a 74HC595. Connect SCLK to SRCK, SS (CS0..) to RCK and MOSI to SER. you can use the SS signal to trigger the second Raspberry On the 74HC595, the G pin is connected to GND and the SRCLR pin to VDD.

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