I'm trying to initialize my PICAN 2 on a RPi3. I have installed the Kernel 4.4.9-V7+ and after sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, I have edited /boot/config.txt by adding the following lines:


Above lines are exactly what the producer of PICAN2 (SK Pang electronics) suggests for initialization of this kernel. However, when I run the following command (after reboot):

sudo /sbin/ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000

It shows the following error:

Cannot find device "can0"

I looked into the following page:


Based on it, I removed -overlay; nothing changed. I'm a beginner in Linux. So, is there something that I need to configure and I don't know?

One more maybe stupid question: I'm testing the software while PiCAN2 is not mounted on the RPi3; is this correct? or I must connect the network during initialization?


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I encountered this same issue on my Pi3 with the PiCAN2 device.

I found this youtube video and following their instructions, my PiCAN2 was visible to Raspbian as "can0".

To summarize, I removed -overlay from both lines in the boot config file and modified the interrupt request pins.

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