I'm very much new to using both a terminal and a Raspberry Pi. I'm using a Raspberry Pi Zero (non W version) and I've connected to it using SSH over USB (using PuTTY) and I'm having problems just navigating around. I have a set of 12 folders in my home directory but I can only access one of them, python_games.

Raspberry Pi Folders

There are the 10 original folders and two I have created, Python and RPi. When i try to change directory using cd python I get the error:

Error Message

Now I don't really know what I have done wrong but please if anyone can help it would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks, Fred.

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    LInux is a real operating system, so it is case sensitive – Jaromanda X May 30 '17 at 2:46

It seems you are missing an uppercase, at least on the sample command you gave. Try :

cd Python 

And tell us what is happening :)

I could bet that the only folder you accessed was "python_game", the only one in lowercase !

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  • Thank you Technico.top! I could have swore I attempted a capital P for Python! Works perfectly! – Fred May 30 '17 at 16:37

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