I'm making a flight controller and want to stabilize the x-y plane using optical flow, which requires almost instantaneous processing thus requires almost no latency.

How much latency does the Pi cam give? Is it acceptable for optical flow stabilization of a quadcopter? Or should I just buy an optical flow camera specifically designed for this task?

  • Can you quantify what an acceptable latency would be? – goobering May 30 '17 at 13:50
  • Approximately 5ms – Tanishq Jaiswal May 30 '17 at 14:17
  • 2
    Pi camera can operate to a maximum speed of 90 fps (11 ms) if you reduce the resolution to 320 x 240. So the picamera can't help your out in your project if you require a 5 ms response which is equivalent to 200 fps camera. I dont think a 200 fps camera will be cheap and light enough for your quadcopter. – yapws87 Nov 12 '18 at 2:31

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